Hydrolysed protein

Hydrolysed protein with low molecular weight to help reduce the risk of nutrient intolerance.


Helps lower the concentration of ions contributing to crystal formation.

Skin barrier

Formulated to support the skin's natural protective barrier for optimal skin health.

Dental health

Contains specific nutrients which contribute to maintaining good oral health.

Working towards a sustainable future

Our belief that pets make our world better inspires and gives life to our purpose of making a better A BETTER WORLD FOR PETS ™

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Labrador Retriever adult sitting with its owner outdoors

ANALYTICAL CONSTITUENTS: Protein: 24.0% - Fat content: 16.0% - Crude ash: 8.4% - Crude fibres: 0.7% - Per kg: Essential fatty acids (linoleic acid): 37.3g- Calcium: 8.0g- Magnesium: 0.7g- Phosphorus: 6.0g.
Dog's weightThin-Normal-Overweight-
2 kg 54 g5/8 cup48 g1/2 cup41 g 3/8 cup
2.5 kg64 g 5/8 cup56 g5/8 cup49 g 4/8 cup
3 kg73 g 6/8 cup64 g5/8 cup56 g 5/8 cup
3.5 kg82 g7/8 cup72 g 6/8 cup62 g 5/8 cup
4 kg91 g 1 cup80 g7/8 cup69 g 6/8 cup
5 kg107 g1+1/8 cups94 g 1 cup82 g 7/8 cup
6 kg123 g1+2/8 cups108 g1+1/8 cups94 g 1 cup
7 kg138 g1+4/8 cups122 g 1+2/8 cups105 g 1+1/8 cups
8 kg153 g1+5/8 cups134 g 1+3/8 cups116 g 1+2/8 cups
9 kg 167 g1+6/8 cups147 g 1+4/8 cups127 g 1+3/8 cups
10 kg 181 g 1+7/8 cups159 g 1+5/8 cups137 g 1+3/8 cups

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