Selected protein

A limited number of protein sources helps reduce the risk of nutrient intolerance.

Skin barrier

Formulated to support the skin's natural protective barrier for optimal skin health.


Fatty acids to help maintain a healthy digestive system and a healthy skin.

Digestive security

Nutrients which support a balanced digestive system.

Complete dietetic feed for adult dogs. Formulated to reduce ingredient and nutrient intolerances. Selected sources of protein and carbohydrate.ROYAL CANIN® Sensitivity Control is specially formulated with the nutritional needs of your nutrient intolerant dog in mind and is available in 1. 5kg, 7kg and 14kg bags. In order to limit the likelihood of nutrient intolerance, ROYAL CANIN® Sensitivity Control contains a limited number of very high quality protein and carbohydrate sources. The specially formulated complex of nutrients in this food helps to support the natural protective barrier role of your dog’s skin, ultimately helping to maintain ideal skin and coat health. To further support your dog’s skin health, as well as the health of its digestive system, ROYAL CANIN® Sensitivity Control is enriched with specific Omega-3 long chain fatty acids. ROYAL CANIN® Sensitivity Control also helps to maintain your dog’s healthy, balanced digestive system. As part of the ROYAL CANIN® Veterinary Range, it is important that this product is only given to your pet when recommended by a veterinary professional. To cater to each dog’s individual preferences, ROYAL CANIN® Sensitivity Control is also available as wet food in a palatable loaf as either Duck and Rice or Chicken and Rice. If you’re considering mixed feeding, be sure to follow our feeding guidelines to ensure your dog gets an accurate amount of both wet and dry food for optimal benefit.

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ANALYTICAL CONSTITUENTS: Protein: 21.0% - Fat content: 9.0% - Crude ash: 8.0% - Crude fibres: 4.5% - Per kg: Essential fatty acids (linoleic acid): 17.6g- EPA & DHA: 3.5g- Omega 3: 7.5g.
4kg1071 + 2/8941817/8
6kg1451 + 5/81271 + 3/81101 + 2/8
8kg18021581 + 6/81371 + 4/8
10kg2122 + 3/81872 + 1/81611 + 7/8
15kg2883 + 2/82532 + 7/82192 + 4/8
20kg35743143 + 4/82713
25kg4224 + 6/83724 + 2/83213 + 5/8
30kg4845 + 4/84264 + 6/83684 + 1/8
35kg5436 + 1/84785 + 3/84134 + 5/8
40kg6016 + 6/852964565 + 1/8
45kg6567 + 3/85776 + 4/84995 + 5/8
50kg710862575406 + 1/8
55kg7638 + 5/86717 + 4/85806 + 4/8
60kg8149 + 1/87168 + 1/86197
70kg91410 + 2/880496957 + 7/8
80kg101011 + 3/8889107688 + 5/8

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