The basics of kitten grooming

Ensuring your kitten is used to being handled from a young age will make grooming easier as they grow. Each cat breed has unique grooming needs and understanding that is key to maintaining your kitten's healthy coat.

Introducing your kitten to grooming from an early age can be a great bonding experience for you and your new pet. Your kitten will also grow accustomed to being handled, which will make grooming less stressful for them, and calmer for you in the future.

How to brush a kitten

While kittens can often manage their own grooming routine, regular brushing can remove any dead hair and dirt build-up that could otherwise cause hairballs.

Particular attention should be paid to the areas behind the ears, and under the chin and paws. These are the places where mats are most frequent, and are very difficult to unravel once formed

Giving your kitten a bath

An important part of your kitten's grooming routine, particularly if they have a mid-length or long haired coat, is giving them a bath.

Our Kitten Ranges

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