How to crate train your puppy

Puppies don't naturally like being on their own and this can lead to anxiety and destructive behaviour. Crate training helps your puppy to feel at home, even when you're not there.

What are the benefits of crate training?

There are many good reasons to crate train your puppy:


Crate training is a good way to limit your puppy’s access to the house before they learn the house rules


Once comfortable in their crate, your puppy can be safely left overnight, or alone at home


When familiarised with the crate, your puppy no longer feels anxious or abandoned when left on their own


Soiling, chewing and destructive behaviour is reduced


Your puppy has a place all of their own where they feel safe, so they can retreat at any time


You can use the crate to easily transport your puppy to the vets or other places