Pets are putting on too much weight

Pets are putting on too much weight

Did you know that at least 39% of all cats and 65% of all dogs are overweight or obese?*

The prevalence of overweight and obese cats and dogs in the UK is on the increase. If your pet falls in to this category, don’t worry, they are not alone. We do however need to look at what can be done to get your pet back to their ideal weight.


Small changes to your pet’s current routine can help them get back to their ideal shape and weight. It is easier than it may seem and you can make a start by adopting the following healthy habits:

  • Increase play and exercise. This can have a positive effect on their physical fitness but can also satisfy their social needs
  • Change how you respond to your pet’s begging behaviour by rewarding with attention or activities, such as grooming or playing, instead of treats  
  • Weighing your pet food daily with digital food scales ensures more accurate portion sizes
  • Feed your pet a diet which is tailored nutrition for weight management, such as ROYAL CANIN® SATIETY WEIGHT MANAGEMENT



ROYAL CANIN® SATIETY WEIGHT MANAGEMENT is a clinically proven diet for weight loss with the following key benefits:

Begging Control

The diet’s high natural fibre level keeps cats and dogs satisfied between meals. It helped control begging in 82% of pets.**

Effective Weight Management

The diets macronutrient profile provides safe weight loss and helps avoid weight regain. 97% of pets lost weight in 3 months.***

Ask your vet about transitioning your pet to ROYAL CANIN® SATIETY WEIGHT MANAGEMENT.


Royal Canin are updating their packaging to ensure better visibility of the products and includes clearer feeding guidelines which is important during a weight management programme. There are also detailed mixed feeding guidelines if the pet prefers a mixed diet of wet and dry food.


* Studies on the ‘Prevalence and risk factors for feline obesity in a first opinion practice in Glasgow, Scotland’ and ‘Dangerous trends in pet obesity’.

** In the world’s largest weight loss study, more than 82% of cat and dog owners reported that their pets begging behaviour was controlled while being fed ROYAL CANIN® SATIETY WEIGHT MANAGEMENT.

*** In the world’s largest weight loss study, 97% of cats and dogs lost weight with ROYAL CANIN® SATIETY WEIGHT MANAGEMENT.